Delivery Club and White Rabbit introduced hot dogs with artificial meat sausages


On the palate, a product from which meat is completely excluded cannot be distinguished from pork.

The Moscow burger chain Rocket (White Rabbit Group of Boris Zarkov) in collaboration with Delivery Club is represented by Russia's first hot dogs with Beyond Meat artificial meat sausages.


Beyond Sausage contains pea protein, water, rapeseed oil and other vegetable products. When frying sausages, in spite of the unusual composition, they secrete juice, frizzle and taste like regular pork. In this “meat” there is no gluten, GMOs, soy, antibiotics, hormones are not added to it. This product is kosher and vegan (if you do not take into account the hot dog rolls).

Now a new dish can be tasted in the restaurants "Rocket" and order delivery by couriers.

The sale of vegetable meat by the American producer Beyond Meat in Russian retail started on November 5th. The exclusive distributor will be the Alphabet of Taste.



We invite you to visit the Ingredients Russia 2020 exhibition from February 18 to 20, Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC.

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