23rd International exhibition of raw materials, ingredients and mixtures
18 - 20 February 2020 • Russia • Moscow • Crocus Expo IEC, pav.2, hall 5

What is the index «E»?

Nobody specially invented food additives with the «E» index. It's just that in Europe it was decided to systematize those ingredients that have been used for many years in the manufacture of food products in order to improve their nutritional and technological properties, appearance and preserve these qualities throughout the entire shelf life.

The introduction of the code «E» is associated with the requirement to indicate the full composition of the product on the label, and since organic substances are known to have rather long names, convenient abbreviations were required.

The letter «E» not only means «Europe», but also essbar/edible (translated from him / English "edible"), and a three-digit number lets you know what kind of substance:

E100-E182 - food coloring;

E200-E299 - preservatives;

E300-E399 - antioxidants;

E400-E499 - stabilizers;

E500-E599 - emulsifiers;

Е600-Е699 - amplifiers of taste and aroma;

E700-E899 - reserved rooms.

The assignment of a specific substance to the status of a food additive and a three-digit index «E» implies that the substance is tested for quality and safety, can be applied within its regulated dosage and technological need, with established criteria of purity characterizing its quality.

The list of approved food additives was developed by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health of Russia, regulated by legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union, and has more than 500 items, but only seven are prohibited (E121, E123, E216, E217, E240, E924 a, b) .

Talking about products without the «E» index is almost impossible, since even an ordinary fresh apple contains about 30 substances with an «E» index, ranging from pectin (E440), which is well-known for its use and ending with malic and citric acids (E296 and E330).



Ingredients Russia 2020 will be held from February 18 to 20, 2020 at the Crocus Expo IEC (Pavilion 1).