Plant extracts and food concentrates from the company Alt-Bioproduct


For the first time in the exhibition will participate the company Alt-Bioproduct! The range of the company Alt-Bioproduct includes more than 80 names of plant extracts and food concentrates.


At the exhibition the company will present extracts and concentrates: sea buckthorn berries, raspberries, rosehip, cranberries, blueberries, chaga mushroom, root levzei, radiograms, chamomile, ginseng, mint, ginger, bearberry, propolis, antlers, pantohematogen and others.


The company's products can be used for:

  • production of functional and health food,
  • cosmetics (skin care products, oral cavity, salon cosmetics, etc),
  • production of juices, jams, syrups, confectionery and bakery products.
  • alcoholic beverages.

More information about plant extracts and food concentrates will be available from 19 to 22 February 2019 at the exhibition Ingredients Russia, Moscow, IEC "Crocus Expo", Pav. 2, hall 5.


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